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Consignment Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Centralise the labelling and tracking of all parcels you send with Consignment Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This add-on automates your dispatch and tracking process, increases productivity and reduces handling costs  - including dangerous goods validation.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Manage all aspects of consignment - from printing certified labels to shipping agent choice - within the familiar Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment. Parcel information is connected to shipping and invoice data. Manifests are generated and sent automatically.

Centralised cost control
Consignment Management will calculate costs based on your parcel service contract.  The add-on supports unlimited price breaks per zone and break type (e.g. weight or volume), and makes it easier to analyse your shipping costs.

Dangerous goods compliance
Consigment Management will validate the dangerous goods content of your parcels, print Dangerous Goods Declarations and choose the best shipping agent based on dangerous goods restrictions.

One-click parcel tracking
Track all parcels by content, lot and serial number, with just one click from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

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