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QlikView Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Add business intelligence capability to your ERP system with QlikView Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  This add-on makes it easy to harness the power and usability of QlikView business intelligence software to generate advanced reporting and analysis – all within the familiar Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface.

Unlock the value of your data
Adding QlikView capability to Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes the data you already have work harder, by transforming it into rich business information that can be visualised, analysed and reported.

User-driven business intelligence
The QlikView interface is click-driven, visual, flexible and intuitive.  Once the QlikView Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is in place, users can change and customise reporting to suit their own requirements, without IT support.

Quick and easy for QlikView developers to implement – in any language
Finding, selecting and renaming fields can be cumbersome and time-consuming tasks for QlikView developers, especially in a non-English environment.  With QlikView Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV these tasks become quick and easy.  The Connector sits within the NAV interface and allows user-friendly data selection by using:

  • local language captions rather than SQL Server field names
  • option values in clear text and local language, rather than SQL Server integers
  • dates converted in local time automatically
  • individual alias names for tables and fields


In just 4 steps, your NAV data is accessible in the QlikView dashboard

Find out more
For more information about how QlikView Connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your business, contact us.