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Organisations are looking for simplicity as well as a faster deployment of Business Intelligence solutions. End users demand a solution which everyone can use without specialised training. QlikView offers sophisticated in-memory analysis and reporting solutions for the Enterprise as well as individual customers.

QlikTech, the company behind QlikView, is the world fastest growing Business Intelligence software company with over 10,500 customers in 92 countries. QlikTech's revenue is growing at a rate of 50% annually.

To see how this amazing product works watch the video below:

(2:28 min/3.9MB)
QlikView’s click driven, visually interactive interface is simple for end users to learn and use and offers the following advantages: 
  • Focus clearly leans towards the business user as opposed to the technical user, emphasising ease of use, rapid deployment and faster performance.
  • Memory access is considerably faster than access to relational or multi-dimensional databases stored on a hard disk.
  • Support for 64-bit operating systems dramatically helps in managing and analysing terabyte-sized databases.

Theta's Business Intelligence services incorporates QlikView technology for extracting key data from your Data Warehouse environment, or from any other source of data, providing a simple and cost effective Data Visualisation, Analytical and Reporting solution.