May 10, 2023

Compliance Consultancy Firm Rolls 7 Systems Into 1 With Dynamics 365 Field Service

Established in 2006, Inferno Consultants Limited (ICL) deliver Hazardous Substances Consultancy and Compliance certification nationwide. Their field representatives visit client sites to provide inspections, helping them achieve real value with practical and cost-saving solutions to attain compliance and certification.

The challenges

ICL has experienced continued business growth, and juggling a busy client base was becoming more of a challenge. Its paper-based environment needed a refresh to reduce the manual handling of key tasks, including booking client site visits, organising legal documentation, managing renewals and overseeing client accounts.

Existing systems were becoming outdated and didn’t talk to each other.

Natasha McKinnon, Operations Manager at ICL explains:

“I was wearing multiple hats for multiple systems. My fear was that no one else knew how they operated together, so not only was it incredibly labour intensive, but it was a business risk.”

Precious time was used to double-check information from one system to the next, with management and field service teams struggling to find accurate information quickly. With multiple systems to update, there was also a lot of repetition. Natasha comments:

“We were printing 30-40 files and certificates for clients weekly and managing seven different systems simultaneously.”

With a commitment to providing excellent customer service, Natasha saw the value of investing in cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Dynamics 365 Field Service – simple, real-time visibility

Dynamics 365 Field Service has become the core system for ICL, eliminating the challenges of multiple systems and manual processes. Natasha shares her experience so far:

“It’s a game changer. I can see everything in one place, from go to whoa and in real-time. No more wearing 7 hats!”

The list of benefits is extensive:

  • Improved visibility: field reps and management have permission-based visibility over clients, certificates, tasks and upcoming jobs.
  • Better accessibility: Information can be found in real-time, regardless of location.
  • Increased efficiency: Daily tasks have been condensed to an automated, streamlined process.
  • Time savings: Management has saved 15% weekly admin time.
  • Enhanced trust: Less double handling of information has reduced human error.
  • Flexible, secure technology: The Microsoft cloud-based solution provides enhanced security, flexibility, scalability and optimised costs.
  • Cost savings: ICL has been able to forgo an office due to fewer physical file storage requirements (eliminating rental costs). They’ve also reduced printing costs. All documents are now stored digitally.
  • Less frustration: Systems have been consolidated, meaning there’s less stress in finding what’s needed.
  • Happy clients: Clients have experienced better service. With clients at the heart of their business, Natasha expresses the impact it’s had on them:
“It’s making our clients very happy to see the efficiency improvements.”

Next steps

ICL is looking ahead to future improvements, including full organisation training and system enhancements. Historical client data is also being safely migrated to the new, protected Dynamics 365 environment, so ICL can soon avoid sifting through old paperwork.

Project delivery

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