Join us as we dive into the latest data topics, share our experience on what works and what doesn't, and analyse how to drive brilliant results without compromising security, quality and cost.
This session is ideal for executive decision-makers and those in a senior data-focused role, as we'll explore these topics from a business perspective.

Ideal for:
**CDOs, CAOs, Senior Business Leaders, Heads and Managers of Data/Analytics/BI **

Behind the scenes: current trends and challenges in data and analytics
Presenter: Gary Blumgart, Head of Data and Digital, Theta

Last year, we saw conversations around GenAI and Copilot explode, with it, the data integrity issue. But are we jumping ahead of ourselves? Is this what organisations are really what they’re spending budget on? Gary shares what trends we’re seeing behind the scenes, the priority areas for organisations and whether GenAI and data governance are set to absorb data budgets in future.

Navigate the vast landscape of Copilots and AI tools with ease
Presenter: Hilary Walton, Technology Strategist – Telco & Media, Microsoft

An ongoing narrative is: 'Which Copilot do I use, and when?' In this presentation, discover which Copilot suits your needs and when to leverage Azure OpenAI services. Plus, experience the power of Project Sophia - an AI-driven business research canvas that allows you to ask any business question across your entire organisation.

Snowflake + Microsoft: Bringing Large-Scale Generative AI Models and Increased Machine Learning Capabilities to the Data Cloud
Presenters: Snowflake

This session will share Snowflake and Microsoft's extended partnership and joint commitment to working together for better customer outcomes. We will also share how combining Snowflake’s Data Cloud expertise with Microsoft’s cloud technologies and AI capabilities helps customers build intelligent solutions, especially as we enter the next wave of generative AI.