Anveo mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases productivity, efficiency for NZ dairy company

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Green Valley Dairies Ltd is a privately-owned independent milk company who worked with Theta to improve the efficiency of their milk distribution processes. We implemented the Anveo mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allows drivers to plan their route, take sales orders on the fly, edit orders, take signatures and print delivery dockets using a Bluetooth printer, and synchronise everything back to Green Valley Dairies’ ERP/financial system.

Green Valley Dairies more productive with Anveo

The productivity gains have been extensive.  Before Anveo was implemented, Green Valley had four staff dedicated to managing and reconciling customer deliveries and process invoicing. Previously, unaccounted variances in inventory were “lost”. Now, with direct interaction between Anveo and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, drivers can easily reconcile, and account for all inventory movement, immediately highlighting any variances.

Says Green Valley Dairies’ Dawn Pyne:

“It used to take four staff to deal with the paperwork generated, reconciling the pink forms with truck stock and manually re-entering them into our ERP, and of course with manual data entry comes errors, which can then take some time to track down and fix. We knew we needed a better system, but struggled to find the right equipment and software for the job. That’s where Theta came in.”
“What we liked about Theta’s approach was they started with our business process, and getting a really good understanding of that. What were the problems we faced, what would work for the drivers, what would work for our customers? After talking to us, they storyboarded the whole business process, before building anything. This meant what was built and implemented was the right solution, first time.”

By going through this analysis first we established the solution would need to work offline and synchronise back to Green Valley Dairies’ ERP system. This led to an off the shelf solution, the Anveo mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This app works on Android mobile devices, a key factor for delivery drivers as it is not practical to carry anything bulky when getting in and out of trucks.  The app can be used in conjunction with handheld printers so drivers can print dockets for customers on the spot.

Green Valley Daries driver using the Anveo mobile app

Benefits for Green Valley Dairies’ customers

Customers can place an order one day for delivery the next.  They can also place a standing order. Orders are pre-loaded into Microsoft Dynamics NAV and when the mobile phone is synchronised, data is transferred from NAV into Anveo on the required delivery date. If an order needs to be amended on route this can also be done by the driver instantly. If a customer does not have an order, the driver can add an order at time of delivery.

It’s also possible to add a purchase order reference and a signature, and print a delivery docket in Anveo. Proof of deliveries are also captured in Microsoft Dynamics NAV on synchronising, so copies are easily accessible if required.

Deliveries made easy with Anveo

Green Valley Dairies’ driver Harwinder Singh using the app, Green Valley Dairies’ sales team member Leana de Bruin and GVD customer Amysh Goyal, Jacks Coffee Lounge.

Improving driver capabilities and efficiencies

Drivers have the ability to print a “Daily Run sheet” from Microsoft Dynamics NAV which assists with suggested load for the day.  This is comprised of standing orders and one off orders already pre-loaded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and forecasted orders, being an average of what a customer would normally order.  The actual load is entered into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, transferring stock out of the distribution centre location onto the truck location. 

Order sequence of deliveries can also be assigned in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to enable efficient delivery of a run. Additionally if a customer does not need a delivery, they can be assigned in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as “AWAY”, this will then “exclude” the customer from the run.

During delivery drivers have the ability via Anveo to:

  • Confirm sales / standing orders
  • Create a new sales order                    
  • Edit order lines
  • Search for sku’s (i.e. products)
  • Search for customers
  • Add a purchase order reference
  • Add a signature
  • Print delivery docket
  • Cancel orders
  • Re-open and amend a finished or cancelled order

When the driver has completed their run, they can synchronise Anveo which exports all data captured into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The final reconciling process is then completed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV on a computer back at base. The driver can quickly reconcile their run, with the ability to drill down to view and amend orders, without having to go back to their mobile.

On closing of the run in NAV, invoices are issued immediately, and, a preliminary daily run sheet is then printed for the next delivery day.

Feedback from drivers has been positive. Even drivers who had not used smartphones before found the app user friendly, and they easily adapted to the new process. The simplicity of being able to use the mobile they already had, without additional or more bulky hardware to carry around is also a big plus.

Inventory improvements

Before Anveo, it was difficult to track inventory and variances were in most cases un-traceable.

The ability for drivers to reconcile their runs, both before and after, has significantly improved the efficiencies and management of inventory both on the truck and in the distribution centre location.

The transfer of stock from distribution centre location to truck location has also enabled better visibility and management and control of inventory at the distribution centre location. 

Fast implementation reduces time to value

One benefit of using the Anveo app is that most of the features Green Valley Dairies needed were already built in. This meant that the app could be configured and rolled out to drivers fast, rapidly optimising workload.

Within a year the application had recouped the costs of implementation and continues to deliver savings and efficiencies to Green Valley Dairies.

Green Valley Dairies feedback 

“Simplicity for our drivers and reconciling of stock are key. Invoices are now generated the same day stock is delivered, and this is much better for our customers. Our sales team get live results, rather than waiting up to a week to see their sales figures. And of course there are significant efficiency gains around data entry and the “lost” stock. Overall this solution does exactly what we needed it to do, and we’re very happy!” Dawn Pyne, Green Valley Dairies