EziBuy analysts the first to go ‘HyperIntelligent’ with Theta

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By simply ‘hovering’ over a product image, EziBuy analysts can now see everything they could possibly need to know about that product in a simple ‘scorecard-like’ format.

The fashion and homeware retailer is the first organisation in the Asia Pacific region to adopt MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence, following in the footsteps of international giants eBay, Google, Tesco, and Walmart.

The product is a new addition to MicroStrategy Workstation that allows analysts to inject analytics and intelligence directly into every user's experience.

Theta’s Head of Data and Insights Gary Blumgart explains,

“Rather than going into your BI application and finding the right report or dashboard, and then opening that, now, wherever you happen to be (in your finance system, or reading a document or an email) all you have to do is hover your mouse over the relevant product, customer or other data item of interest and a small scorecard pops up with all the key information and insights you need -  This happens regardless of whether you’re in a browser, on your laptop or tablet or on your mobile device. What MicroStrategy tried to imagine in the development of this product was if five clicks are better than ten clicks, and two clicks are better than five clicks, what if it was zero clicks? And they’ve nailed it. With HyperIntelligence, you can now make better, more informed and quick-smart decisions, whatever you are doing.”

Anton Vermeer, Business Intelligence Architect and Team Lead at EziBuy agrees.

“Before Theta came onboard, we were swimming in a sea of data, spending hours running reports, consolidating information and analysing data to make decisions. Now when we hover over an image on our website, a MicroStrategy Hyper Card shows us how that product is performing across the country, compares it to other products, checks stock levels and provides any risk information. In these uncertain Covid-19 times, HyperIntelligence has effectively allowed us to clearly see what the impact has been and what we need to change. It’s given us a single integrated view over all our styles that 100 staff across our company can access, including our store managers and retail assistants.”

The mobile app allows store staff to simply scan a product barcode to help customers find exactly what they want in terms of style and size. 

“We're always looking for ways to enhance offerings for our customers. As part of this, we looked at how the MicroStrategy Hyper Cards can contribute to a better customer experience in our stores. In terms of ROI, MicroStrategy is one of the lowest total cost of ownership offerings in the market. The value that we get every year easily outweighs the spend."

EziBuy has just won the global ‘Game Changer Award’ – awarded by MicroStrategy for HyperIntelligence. Anton, along with Mahtab Kahaki BI Developer and Data Analyst, was also asked to present at the MicroStrategy World 2021 virtual conference.

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