NZ takes lead role implementing global cloud migration strategy

Adecco New Zealand is part of The Adecco Group, the world’s leading HR solutions partner, with more than 34,000 employees in 60 countries. Strategically, the company is committed to cloud transformation, and Adecco New Zealand, working with Theta, has taken a leading role.

Globally, Adecco had committed to a cloud first strategy, but it hadn’t yet been implemented anywhere.

Enter Adecco New Zealand, who were at a decision point – should they renew the hardware they needed to run day to day operations in this country, or take a lead role in implementing the global strategy and make the move to the cloud?

As you might expect, they stepped up to the challenge. Adecco New Zealand reviewed the existing landscape of applications and underlying resources used. They resolved to leave only the bare essentials on premises, and move as much infrastructure as possible to Azure.

Adecco NZ took the same approach with software, moving from on premises to a cloud (SaaS) model for their CRM system.

The overall project was managed in New Zealand, under strict governance requirements provided by Adecco global. The idea was to establish a cloud transformation model that could then be used by other countries.

Theta helped Adecco review the on premises workloads and devise the migration plan using tools including Azure Site Recovery. This plan and the new cloud architecture were vetted and approved by the group based in France, to ensure compliance with global Adecco standards, particularly around security. 

We also trained the local Adecco IT team. This meant we could co-deliver the migration with the local Adecco team, building capability and knowledge and preparing them to help other country divisions with their migrations as required. Adecco’s Ishaaq Mussa explains:

“It was great to work with a local partner, and have the support we needed on the ground. The move to Azure was a bit daunting, especially being the first off the blocks here in NZ, but Theta made it easy. They were helpful, approachable, full of tips and had a really practical approach.”

Overall, the migration was completed with minimal downtime and with very positive feedback from the business users:

“As we all know migrating applications and servers to a new platform brings new issues and complications to a business. However, in our case this did not happen and everything is going very smoothly. In fact our exec team were so surprised that such a big move made no detrimental impact to the business. They hadn’t even realised there was a change!” Ishaaq Mussa, IT Production Manager New Zealand

Mussa adds:

“Not having hardware in a single location is great. Our data is hosted in a data centre in Australia, and that gives us much more resilience than we previously had.”

As hoped, the successful New Zealand migration has been a springboard to help other countries, with Adecco in Malaysia, Japan, and some European countries now making the move to Azure.