Auckland Council website stands up to property valuation spike

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Theta worked with Auckland Council to ensure its website was ready for a big increase in traffic as new property valuations were released. Work done to improve performance and stability meant the site was more than able to handle the peak load of more than 6,000 concurrent users, 10 million hits and a total of more than 200,000 unique users checking out their new valuations.

Theta’s digital development manager Shimi Baliti explains the two elements of the work:

“The first step was to replace two legacy web services with new services to deliver the new valuations information and improve overall performance. The second phase was focused on the overall architecture of the production environment that would handle the peak loads right after the valuations were released.”

The new production environment is hybrid – a mix of cloud and on-premises – and the element in Azure is a first for the council.

Says Ingrid McClymont, Auckland Council’s Head of Information Applications:

“The release of new property valuations is always busy for us, and its important to be prepared. Azure was critical in delivering the scalability and stability we needed. In the first few days there were 10 million requests to the cloud, and everything performed beautifully. This has been a very positive first experience and we expect to stand up more hybrid environments in the future.”

She adds:

“Theta’s Azure experience, consultants who know the council and its environment well, and strong communications were all part of this project’s success. Working with Theta also meant we could scale up our team as the launch date approached.”