Invitation to our cyber security update. Learn how hackers are constantly changing their attack methods and how you can stop them.

Hackers are constantly adapting their attack techniques to get through your cyber defences. Legacy approaches and technologies are no longer adequate and no organisation is entirely safe from attack. How do you ensure your defences evolve with current and future attack methods and what options do you have if you are breached?

Join us at this cyber security update where you’ll learn about the latest developments in cyber security and how cyber active approaches to security will help keep your data and organisation secure.

At this event we'll update you on:

  • The evolving cyber security threat landscape
  • The changing ways hackers are trying to steal your data and monetise your organisation
  • Why defences need to adapt to meet evolving threats
  • How antivirus is no longer an adequate defence posture
  • Why you are only as secure as your supply chain
  • The impact of GDPR and wider privacy issues for NZ organisations


About the presenter
Jeremy Jones

Jeremy is Theta’s Head of Cyber Security and has been at the front line of cyber security for the British government for over 16 years.

He is highly experienced in nation-state cyber operations and trained by the NSA (and others) in cyber, space and information warfare. Jeremy has directed numerous successful offensive cyber operations in support of UK security objectives and has led cyberwarfare initiatives and programmes at the highest level.

He brings his unique perspectives on security for organisations to enhance their prosperity through better understanding and mitigation of cyber risk in all its forms.