Global Integration Bootcamp: in Auckland and around the world

Last weekend the Microsoft integration community in Auckland kicked off the Global Integration Bootcamp 2017 – an event that brought together 650 attendees with 55 speakers across 16 locations in 12 countries. The focus of the day was a deep-dive into Microsoft’s integration stack, with hands-on sessions and labs delivered by experts and community leaders.

Wagner Silveira, our Principal Integration Architect, was one of the event organisers, and led a session on Logic Apps. Here are some of his impressions from the day:

"We ran from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm on one of the busiest Saturdays of the year in Auckland, with an attendance of 30+ people and not a single dropout throughout the day. We even had a participant from Christchurch brave the Adele spike in airfares to attend. Everyone was interested in the presentations and tried the labs with real enthusiasm either individually or in groups. It was interesting to see a group of people congregating around the same computer discussing, bouncing ideas, and thinking how to apply the knowledge on their own environment while doing the labs – exactly the outcome you want to see!

The other great thing was the community spirit on display. Consultants from three different companies donned Global Integration Bootcamp t-shirts for the day – dubbed “The White Shirts” - to work together as a single team and support the participants. And that effort was multiplied many times over when you consider the global nature of the event." 

Global integration bootcamp 2017

"Thanks to our time zone, we were the first to get under way here in Auckland, and were able to provide feedback on the lab activities before other centres got under way. And one thing I’m especially proud of, we dominated the global Twitter traffic on the GIB2017 hashtag: #GIB2017 – thanks to Eldert for showing this in his account of the day."

You can read other accounts of the day on the BizTalk 360 blog and of the local event on Mark Brimble’s blog.

Here’s a collection of tweets that gives a flavour of the day in all its diversity, curated by @WSilveiraNZ: