New North Shore office! Our latest addition

The Latest Addition (1)
Results came in from our recent company survey, and the people of North Shore wanted their own office. Well, we are excited to announce that a new Theta office is now in action, located in the grand B:Hive of Urban North Shore, Auckland. The doors opened up to employees just last week, and it’s been a treat!

In 2019, World Architecture Festival voted B:Hive the best office interior in the world, and it comes as no surprise. There’s a beautiful indoor-outdoor feel, and onsite you’ll find delicious cafes, a gym, a yoga studio and even a bar, to name a few perks. 

For now, there are 24 desks set up and Theta’s hybrid work model means there is plenty of space for our North Shore team to make themselves at home. It’s here as an extra option for those who want a switch of scenery and to see some friendly faces- or to simply enjoy a barista cuppa. 

“It’s good to see people in person again. The B:Hive has a buzzing atmosphere that can be compared to offices on a Uni style campus. We’ve had very positive feedback from our colleagues, so a great choice from Theta.” 

~ Joerg Rau, Head of Dynamics 365 at Theta.

 On that note, the Tauranga office is in the process of relocating to another building. We’re keeping an eye out for something just as fabulous! 

Congrats North Shore; we hope you enjoy your new space.