Our resident experts will work with your team with a flexible approach that suits your requirements and goals. 

Workshops can be customised to skill levels; sessions delivered at your workplace or online.  

Solve everyday data challenges

Master specific areas in your data environment

Accelerate towards your organisational goals


8 hours delivered as 2 x 4-hour sessions over 2 consecutive weeks


Ideally 4+ participants from your organisation


Starting at




Workshops A & B – use your own data (recommended) or use sample data. Workshop C organisational data only.


Gain reliable data insights with Power BI governance

Ideal if you administer Power BI within your organisation and/or are responsible for keeping a secure, reliable, trusted Power BI environment.

Lack of security and governance around Power BI is a catalyst for risk. In this workshop, discover the immediate steps to take and implement a long-term strategy that will ensure you:

  • Know that you're using accurate and reliable data in Power BI.
  • Have mechanisms in place that will protect sensitive data.
  • Implement processes to prevent data quality deterioration.


Introduction to cloud data platform: unlock faster insights and opportunities with the right platform choice

Suited for technical and data architects.

Easing the path to insights can be done with a robust cloud data platform. Discover how a modern architecture can give you near-unlimited data opportunities.

Our data platform experts will help you to decide between Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, or Snowflake. We'll work with you to:

  • Review all these options with you, including use cases and pros and cons.
  • Assist you in deciding which Cloud platform will deliver the best and most cost-effective results for you.
  • Deliver a "starter for 10" on a Reference Architecture for your data platform, defining and documenting how it should look.


Data review

Designed for organisational stakeholders.

How can your data visualisations be improved? Is your data performing as it should? Are you missing out on data that's readily available?

In this workshop, we'll review your organisational data and dashboards, providing recommendations and tackling questions:

  • What other data can be included or integrated with current data sets to enrich and enable you to derive meaningful insights into your business?
  • How can existing dashboards be tweaked to allow users to understand "at a glance" what's happening? Quick, informative insights are the goal.
  • What new dashboards and visualisations will allow you to see what's important to you? Drill into or across your data with ease and discover your best customers, what they're doing, what could they be doing and create 'what would happen' scenarios.
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