Enhance your cyber security posture

in a complex threat landscape

Not every organisation has a team of security experts or a dedicated CISO. You know you have a responsibility to secure your systems and protect your customers' data, but you're constantly fighting fires and have no time to be proactive. Your Board is asking for your plan to mature your organisation's security posture, but you don't really know where to start. Our managed Security Improvement Service is here to help.

This service is for you:

You need a compehensive solution to improve security across the entire organisation.

Your security solutions are outdated and ineffective - perhaps your organisation has grown and your tools no longer support your needs.

You need complete peace of mind and access to cyber security professionals to ensure you haven't missed any security gaps.

Service overview

Whether you're constantly fighting fires or simply unsure where to begin, managed security service will keep your organisation secure and meet your Board's expectations. Don't wait until it's too late - download our full offering overview to see how our Security Improvement Service will build a safer, more secure future for your organisation.

Download full service offering booklet


A cost effective, monthly managed service to help your organisation continually enhance its security.


The service is an ongoing engagement, where your organisation cycles through four stages of improvement: identify, plan, execute and review.


New Zealand organisations are increasingly a target for cyber attacks, often due to poor security measures. Our Security Improvement Service mitigates this risk.


We'll tailor your monthly pricing to suit your specific organisational requirements. Get in touch for a quote.

Our approach:

IDENTIFY: Using established processes, we will work with you to understand your current state and identify gaps and areas that need to be addressed.

PLAN: We’ll create a roadmap to enhance and mature your security posture, whether it’s for customer requirements, regulatory obligations, or alignment with security standards.

EXECUTE: We'll optimise your tools, enhance your security procedures, and provide guidance on architecture, design, and specialist systems as needed.

REVIEW: As cyber threat evolve, we'll regularly review your controls, tools and processes, ensuring you are adapting against ever evolving threats.

What's included:

Critical system review - "crown jewel" assessment

Attack simulation

Cloud reviews

Identity and access reviews

Policy development

Security awareness building

Cyber security Board reporting

External attack surface monitoring

Cyber security framework assessments

We know Microsoft

We support all your collaboration, productivity, security and industry-based needs using trusted Microsoft technologies.

We're a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all six designations in the Cloud Partner Program (giving us the additional title of Solutions Partner for Cloud). Designations include: Business Applications, Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Infrastructure (Azure), Modern Work and Security.

We've also been finalists in the Microsoft NZ Partner Awards every year since 2010, winning multiple times since then.

ISO 27001 certified

We are proud to be ISO 27001 certified, which means we've put all the requirements in place across our people, processes and technology to manage information so that it stays secure. Our team is committed to following consistent, measured and repeatable processes to keep it that way. As risks evolve, we will also adapt and evolve to keep your business safe through continuous improvement, measurement and reporting with dedicated and trained staff.

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