Microsoft Viva is a groundbreaking integrated employee experience platform. It provides your team with the resources and support they need, regardless of their physical location. With great potential, there are often a few challenges along the way - including implementation and user adoption. That's where a Viva Discovery Workshop* can help.

In our 3-stage Microsoft Viva Discovery Workshop, we'll work with your key stakeholders to define what modules your organisation could benefit from, and create a plan to implement them across your workforce. From here, you'll have a clear roadmap, with prioritised next steps.

1. Assess

In the first stage of the workshop, we'll gather key information on your specific business scenarios and identify business stakeholders. This ensures we have the right people involved from the get go, and have a clear understanding of priority areas.

2. Unpack

Next, we'll showcase 'what's possible' with Microsoft Viva, giving you a better understanding of how it all works. Deep dive into each module, with demos and immersive experiences that have been tailored for your organisation.


And now, the action part! Here's where we document a plan and define the next steps to improve your employee experience with Microsoft Viva, using a tried and tested adoption and change management approach.

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Viva guide

Gain a better understanding of Microsoft Viva, its modules and our Viva Discovery Workshop with our free guide.

* Requirements vary from business to business, and we tailor workshop pricing to reflect this.