We build security into everything we do, and offer bespoke cyber security consulting too.

Theta Cyber Security gives you insights into the risks you face. The cyber security paradigm has changed. It’s not about ‘beating the bits’. It’s about protecting your critical business dependencies from disruption by deterring threats

We understand the digital landscape that your business operates in – we may well have built it for you. But digital transformation comes with new risks and every change to your environment introduces new opportunities for hackers to exploit. We can help you understand the nature of the threat your business faces and what to do about it.

That’s why we build security into all our client projects using a secure project management methodology and ensure that your cyber security requirements are identified, tracked, delivered and verified.

Legacy approaches have failed to protect us from cyber threats

Risk Assessments

We believe that our intelligence-led risk assessments fill the void in the New Zealand risk advisory market. We specialise in assisting SMBs with improving their resilience and will help you implement a credible defence against hackers.

Actionable recommendations

While compliance is a useful tool that enables trust between the good guys, hackers don’t care about compliance and whether you are ISO 27001 compliant or not. You need actionable recommendations tailored to your organisation to provide a defence-in-depth strategy across your people, processes, information and technologies.

Prioritise resources

By focussing on the threats to your organisation we can help you can prioritise your limited resources on those vulnerabilities that matter. You can’t defeat every threat and mitigate every vulnerability, but making yourself a sufficiently hard target will deter hackers from stealing your information or monetising disruption to your business.

Revolutionary technologies

A heterogeneous security ecosystem makes a difficult target for hackers. That’s why we have partnered with like-minded vendors and security companies to integrate their capabilities within Theta’s existing portfolio.

We are especially proud of our partnership with CrowdStrike to provide next-generation Antivirus, Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Managed Threat Hunting. We also partner with best-of-breed security organisations to deliver threat intelligence and adversary simulation consultancy,

Speak to our cyber security experts, or take a look at ways we can help keep your business cyber secure