Excel Importer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Excel Importer

Import journals and documents from Excel worksheets into Business Central without reformatting the columns with the Excel Importer AppSource Extension.

Are you wasting time manually keying data into Business Central that is already available in Excel? Do you want to import transaction data from external systems such as payroll and expense management into Business Central - without first manipulating the data?

Excel Importer can help.

In a typical company, many financial transactions are available as files. From payroll extracts, credit card statements, and expense reports, to billing schedules from vendors for services, etc.  Efficiently importing these Excel files into Business Central improves productivity enormously and is cheaper than building an automated integration.

How do you import Excel files into Business Central?

Excel Importer for Business Central lets you import files without having to change the layout manually. This saves time and reduces errors. Excel Importer has built-in handling for journals, sales orders and invoices, purchase orders and invoices, sales prices and vendor prices, and even item journals with item tracking information (lot and serial number information), which is very handy for your initial inventory take-on.

Excel Importer supports flexible field mappings to suit different column layouts and lets you:

  • apply default values to fields which are not present in the source data such as defaulting a quantity or defaulting dimensions specific to the import.
  • translate source data values to correct accounts and dimensions in Business Central.

To try Excel Importer for Business Central find it in AppSource.

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