Theta’s FAQ Bot is an AI-powered chatbot with a mission – to answer more questions, for more people than any other bot.


What does FAQ Bot do?

FAQ Bot – a “bot as a service” – solves a common problem. It answers the questions that are asked most often, and can be simply and easily resolved, but place a load on customer service staff. 

FAQ Bot is designed to handle that FAQ load 24x7, leaving your valuable people to work on the more complex problems customers face.​​

Your customers get their questions answered- faster, everywhere, any time, and in their language.

What are the benefits of FAQ Bot?

A bot that's fast and easy to implement

FAQ Bot can be up and chatting - answering your customers' questions - fast. To help you get going with FAQ Bot, conversation flows for the FAQ scenario are pre-designed, and your existing customer service knowledge base, including website FAQs and call centre scripts, can be easily adapted to the FAQ format.

A chatbot that's always learning - and teaching you new tricks

FAQ Bot uses AI to find the best answer for your customer’s question, supported by a knowledge base you can maintain, and has learning built in. So the more conversations FAQ Bot has, the more it knows.

Chat analytics and user-friendly dashboards mean that you can always be learning from your customer's interactions with the bot.

Chat analytics with FAQ Bot dashboard

Chatbots are always on, 24/7

Managing loads at peak times can be a challenge for call centres, leading to frustrating long wait times for customers. FAQ Bot can handle multiple conversations at the same time, so customers get their questions answered, fast – even during a holiday, sale, or unusual event.  

Visit the FAQ Bot website to learn more about how the chatbot works and how bots can help you answer your customers' questions.

Read our FAQ Bot case study: Chatbot Tohu helps take NZ education to the world.



Chat to an FAQ Bot now

The following sites are home to FAQ Bots – get chatting!

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Microsoft NZ Partner Hub

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board

And of course FAQ Bot - a good place to learn more about FAQ Bot!

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