Theta’s FAQ Bot is the simplest, friendliest way to automate support. 


What is FAQ Bot?

FAQ Bot is an AI chatbot with live chat. Our mission is to make every conversation count with simple, speedy, helpful chat. 

What are the benefits of FAQ Bot?

Speed is of the essence

FAQ Bot chatbots are fast and easy to implement, and provide automated, instant support, 24/7.

Everyone can chat

Get the same experience, worldwide, on your preferred platform – web, mobile, Facebook Messenger, more.

Chat analytics

Chat analytics and user-friendly dashboards mean that you can always be learning from your customer's interactions with the bot.

Chat analytics with FAQ Bot dashboard


Targeted messaging

With targeted messages, also known as engagements, you can target messages to the people chatting to your FAQ Bot, depending on where and when they are chatting. They are a flexible and powerful way to engage your customers as they seek information and chat to your FAQ Bot.



Get your chatbot to ask your customers for the details you need in a friendly chat format, and send them to you. It acts like a form, but feels like a conversation.


Read our FAQ Bot case study: Chatbot Tohu helps take NZ education to the world.



Chat to an FAQ Bot now

The following sites are home to FAQ Bots – get chatting!

Auckland Transport

Counties Power

Explorer Bus

Study in New Zealand

Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board

And of course FAQ Bot - a good place to learn more about FAQ Bot!