Hadoop: Big Data and Analytics Technologies


Apache Hadoop is an open source platform at the heart of the new and fast growing big data and analytics ecosystem.

Many traditional business intelligence (BI) vendors are embracing new big data styles of data repositories alongside traditional relational data sources, by integrating them with their query and reporting BI solutions.

Complementing our business intelligence track record, Theta has significant big data and analytics expertise. Many of our customers are now embarking on big data projects, to derive even greater value from their information assets and tap into new sources of information.

We work with our customers to select the best technologies for them from leading vendors across  business intelligence, data warehouse, big data and analytics.  

Big data technologies


Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is a cloud based solution for Apache Hadoop and was one of the first commercial Hadoop offerings available. Amazon Web Services, (AWS) is the most popular worldwide use of Apache Hadoop.  The EMR roadmap includes integration with Amazon’s Kinesis for stream processing, Amazon Redshift for parallel data warehousing and provides support for other NoSQL databases.


Cloudera is a Hadoop specialist. Second only to Amazon in market share, Cloudera focuses on delivery of subscription based Hadoop services for the enterprise, and specialises in rapidly developing new functionality to meet customers’ needs. For example, customers wanted a better SQL capability for Hadoop so Cloudera built Impala as massively parallel processing architecture.


Hortonworks is the distribution vendor closest to the Apache Hadoop open source project. All innovations developed for the Hortonworks Data Platform are added back to the Apache Hadoop open source project.  Hortonworks has many partnerships, with Microsoft, Teradata, SAP, Red Hat and others who provide this distribution under their own brand.  Hortonworks’ strategy is to drive innovation through the open source community including Hortonworks own resources.  Hortonworks software is available as open source, with subscription for helpdesk and support.

MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies is focused on enterprise-level features, and has developed its own Network File System (NFS) to enabvle this. MapR also provides performance enhancements and scalability increases, disaster recovery and high availability - features not available with the Apache standard open source solution.

Microsoft Windows Azure HDInsight Service

Microsoft in partnership with Hortonworks provides Microsoft Windows Azure HDInsight Service specifically for the Windows Azure cloud platform. Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) provides the only version of Hadoop which runs in the Windows environment. Microsoft Windows Azure HDInsight Service is part of the Cortana Analytics Suite. Other components include data warehouse, cloud, OLAP, machine learning and Power BI.

SAP Big Data Platform

The strategic relationship between Hortonworks and the SAP Big Data Platform enables SAP to resell Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and provide enterprise support for their global customer base. This means SAP customers can incorporate enterprise Hadoop as a complement within a data architecture that includes SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects enabling a broad range of new analytic applications.