Qlik NPrinting


Qlik NPrinting offers a drag-and-drop style of report building based on your QlikView and Qlik Sense data; making it easy to create quick, customised reports. It's an enterprise ready platform that allows sharing of data and mobilises users to select the reports that they want to see. 

How are your sales compared to budget? What is the bestselling product? What were aggregate sick leave days this month and how does that impact salary? Qlik NPrinting gives you the ability to find out that kind of information, create a customised report and distribute the results via numerous channels. 

  • Choose how to share your report - PDF, HTML, Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Choose when to share your report - decide on the timing and frequency of distribution
  • Choose where to share your report - email, intranet, team collaboration tools

In today's world there are thousands of reports sitting in people's inbox. NPrinting On Demand makes that a thing of the past, and users can request a report when they need it. The NewsStand is another feature that acts as a repository for the business, users can subscribe to the reports they have access to and wish to receive on a regular basis. 

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