When you need to retrieve and analyse information from static reports, QlikView assists with the ability to gain insights using guided analytics. 

QlikView offers sophisticated, self-service in-memory analysis and reporting solutions for the enterprise as well as individual customers, in an easy to use package that doesn't require specialised training. 

QlikView’s click driven, visually interactive interface is simple for end users to learn and use. Advantages include:
  • Focus on the business user rather than the technical user, emphasising ease of use, rapid deployment and faster performance.
  • Memory access is considerably faster than access to relational or multi-dimensional databases stored on a hard disk.
  • Support for 64-bit operating systems  helps in managing and analysing terabyte-sized databases.

Work with Theta Analytics to use QlikView technology for extracting key data from your data warehouse environment, or from any other source of data, providing a simple and cost effective data visualisation, analytical and reporting solution. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of QlikView.

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