Sana Commerce


For an exceptional online buying experience, Sana Commerce integrates with your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and becomes the engine of your web store. 

What does Sana provide?

Sana is an integrated e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C. Sana is strong in the B2B arena with support for customer-specific pricing, shipping details and account history. It provides all the data you need to create a personalised experience for your B2B and B2C customers.

What makes Sana unique? 

Instead of relying on a complex and fragile web of interfaces, Sana e-commerce integrates with your ERP system. That means your web store and ERP system can exchange data in real-time, without sacrificing the performance of either system. As a result, your customers have a fantastic online buying experience with accurate pricing and inventory data and access to an online portal for viewing their order history. 

If you already have EDI, do you need e-commerce?

While EDI and web stores do overlap to a certain degree, web stores offer your business opportunities that simply aren’t feasible with EDI. For example, using EDI means that many orders will still require customers to reach for the phone, or send an email (or even a fax). 

In terms of marketing, a web store makes it easy for (prospective) customers to browse your entire product catalogue. This offers more cross-selling and upselling opportunities and discovery of new products. 

How can you find out more? 

We'd be happy to talk to you about the suitability and benefits of Sana Commerce for your business. Get in touch with us to talk to one of our team.