SAP business intelligence


SAP BusinessObjects BI features an enhanced semantic layer, using common business terms to make it easier for business users to work with enterprise data.

The semantic layer supports all data types, including true multi-dimensional support. The BusinessObjects BI platform extends business intelligence to everyone, both inside and outside the organisation, allowing the creation and consumption of trusted information based on individual roles and preferences. The semantic layer can be used to:

  • deliver intuitive business intelligence reporting and analysis capabilities to everyone in the organisation
  • maximise business performance with high impact dashboards, visualisations and web applications
  • analyse and visualise data – with powerful data discovery and exploration tools
  • perform “what if” scenarios, modelling predictive analytics solutions


High impact dashboards, visualisations and web applications can drive business intelligence adoption across the organisation. Mobile, highly interactive, role-based dashboards deliver trusted, aggregated numbers to decision makers. BusinessObjects Dashboards provides users and stakeholders with self-service capability to analyse KPIs and the flexibility to create customized dashboards to meet the organisation’s specific BI requirements.

Enterprise self service business intelligence

SAP’s self-service solutions enable you explore and analyse the data quickly and efficiently.  Business users are empowered with easy, self-service access to data discovery tools for instant answers to pressing business questions. The user experience is intuitive and interactive, and the need for training and IT assistance is eliminated. User autonomy increases with self-service discovery of relevant insights in order to make fully informed decisions.