Software to measure the quality of data in your data warehouse

Veracidata evaluates the accuracy - over time and according to criteria you specify - of the data within your data warehouse.

Monitored, validated data is the basis for business trust in any business intelligence system.

Your data is a strategic asset.

If you have invested in business intelligence, you already recognise that. But how confident are you in the integrity of your data?

Continued ROI depends on data quality. Changes over time – in source data, in data storage and treatment, and through system enhancements - can erode the quality of your data.

"One in three business leaders don’t trust the information they use to make decisions." IBM: Break Away with Business Analytics and Optimization Study; IDC

Can your data be trusted?

Accuracy and truthfulness are the essence of veracity - the fourth V after volume, velocity and variety of big data.*

Veracidata makes it easy to manage data quality. It's:

  • Flexible - Veracidata will plug into your existing data warehouse.
  • Configurable - Define rules and tests to ensure data validity that make sense in the context of your business.
  • Extendable - Grows with you. A building block supporting BI governance.
  • Automated - Always working in the background to monitor the integrity of your data.
  • User-friendly - Dashboards, notifications and exception reports make it quick and easy to verify data quality and identify problems. 

Protect your business intelligence investment...

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