Our Board

Theta is a privately owned company with four main shareholders. The shareholders elect the board and Directors are elected based on the value they bring to the board. Each is experienced in business and provides value by contributing to corporate governance matters, conceptual thinking and strategic planning.

The directors play an important part in providing guidance to management to enable them to increase the profitable growth of Theta in the years ahead.

Board History

Matt Owen is one of Theta’s founders and has worked in the company since 1995. The board of directors, initially made up of the 4 shareholders, started meeting on a regular basis from 2000. From September 2003, independent directors, including an independent chairman, were added to the board.

Following changes to the company ownership in 2006, the managing director role was replaced by a CEO role. Two additional independent directors, Bob and Susan, were appointed in 2008. Susan took the role of chair in 2010, Terry Allen was appointed in 2011 and Andrew Taylor was appointed to the board in 2013.