New technologies

Whether you’re a startup, an established organisation or somewhere in between, our Innovation Lab can help you realise your ideas and reimagine your future.

The Lab works with the latest technologies – if you’ve heard of it, the Lab has probably tried it. These new technologies can be accessed through innovation accelerators/hackathons that we run with our customers.  Much of our research also makes its way into our products.

Customer benefits

Whenever you work with Theta, you get access to our Innovation Lab outputs – new products, expertise and leadership in innovation, as well as practical working knowledge of the latest technologies.

Generative AI

Augmented reality


Advanced analytics


Mobile technologies

The innovators

The lab has full time staff and draws on expertise throughout Theta, creating a culture of 'always innovating'. We also welcome interns and new graduates at the lab, supporting the next generation of technologists to bring their fresh talent and new ideas to the table.

Mixiply Platform

In conjunction with students at Newlands Intermediate School in Wellington, we developed Mixiply – a digital portfolio platform designed to help kids create and share AR and mixed reality experiences.

Copilot for Microsoft 365

Excellent data governance is fundamental for successful Copilot adoption. We help your organisation develop a robust governance plan with a clear set of standards that protects your corporate data, empowers your users and and helps you to achieve maximum value from Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Product development

Much of the innovation work we do is incorporated into our Theta products and drives the creation of new products. We've developed everything from a budgeting and planning software to chatbots to Dynamics 365 Business Central extensions.