Protecting your core

We take a pragmatic approach to the solutions we deliver and the ways we work, helping you to differentiate the noise from the imminent threat. We understand the digital landscape that your business operates in – we may well have built it for you. We can help you understand the nature of the threats your business may face and what to do about them.

Build attack resilience

Intrusions are dynamic, and so are our offerings.

From learning how your defenses would stack up against a real world intrusion with our simulation campaigns, using genuine tactics and tradecraft from real-world attacks, through to gaining an insight into your organisation through the eyes of an adversary, our unconventional offerings are tailored to meet today’s challenges, empowering your business to do what it does best.

Gain insight with intelligence-led risk assessments

Take the guesswork out of prioritising your security initatives

Compliment your existing environment by learning how your existing controls stack up

Benefit from our close tech partnerships, including Crowdstrike

ISO 27001 Certified

We're ISO 27001 compliant, which is the international standard on how to manage information security. For Theta and our customers, it demonstrates our commitment and ability to handle data with the highest of security standards.

We help organisations like yours

From tactical, technical solutions to strategic outcomes - whether you're an established organisation with an existing security programme or are just starting out on your security journey, we're here to help.