Park Square Capital is one of Europe’s leading private credit firms, with more than 100 employees across eight offices, and managing over $12bn USD of capital on behalf of its investors.

When Charlotte Harris joined Park Square Capital as the Group Management Accountant in 2021, the business rolled out Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which required a lot of time to upload spreadsheet journals each week. The built-in configuration package required hours of additional work that kept the team from doing their day jobs. However, managing spreadsheets, invoices, and personal expenses was a critical business function, so Charlotte and her manager set out to find a solution.

Substantial time savings gained by using the Excel Importer app

Searching the AppSource marketplace, Charlotte quickly identified Theta’s Excel Importer app as a solution.

Easily installed into Park Square’s Business Central, Excel Importer allows users to quickly upload large amounts of data. Excel Importer was chosen over other solutions as it’s easy to use and competitively priced.

Charlotte has since customised import templates to suit her needs; her spreadsheet uploads are completed in minutes rather than hours.

Charlotte says: “Before using Excel Importer, we were surviving. Now we are thriving. Spreadsheet uploads are 90% faster compared to using the built-in Business Central tool. I don’t know how we managed without it. I’d recommend it to anyone who creates journals in Excel and then needs to upload the final files into Business Central.”

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