Intra (formerly Mercy Angiography) is a world-leading provider of image-guided healthcare in interventional cardiology, interventional radiology and interventional oncology. Theta is Intra’s trusted IT infrastructure partner, taking care of proactive support and cyber security as well as large projects like the setup of a new clinic. This means Intra can focus on what they do best – helping patients recover fast and regain their quality of life.

For the past year, Theta has provided desktop, network and server services to Intra. Our service desk is the first point of call for all infrastructure and desktop support requests and incidents. We also provide support onsite and over extended hours – all part of ensuring that Intra can focus on their patients and be confident that business processes will continue uninterrupted in the background.

In addition to this day to day support, Theta has been involved in the design and implementation of the IT infrastructure and platform for Intra’s brand new clinic on Auckland’s North Shore. The clinic is a state-of-the-art image-guided healthcare facility, where critical medical procedures are performed daily. It also serves as a technical backup and disaster recovery site for the organisation’s Epsom clinic. Says Barbara O'Shaughnessy, Intra’s project manager for the new clinic build:

“This project involved many moving parts, and lots of different parties – from architects to technology vendors to clinical and administration staff at Intra. Theta was responsible for the design and fitout of a new server room, hosting Intra’s core business and clinical systems, and collaborating with other vendors to get the job done. This had to be carefully planned and implemented with great attention to detail – which Theta had in spades. Their contribution was definitely critical to the successful outcome.”

As well as the server and network platform, Theta also procured and implemented the desktop environment for the new clinic, and according to Intra did “a great job selecting hardware and equipment that is a good functional and aesthetic fit for the clinic.” Barbara O'Shaughnessy remarks:

“Every day we are there we can see the tidy cabling, the immaculate server room and the fit for purpose hardware. I remember the hours the Theta team worked to get that outcome.”

Theta also acts as Intra’s technology advisor and is helping the organisation develop and implement a technology roadmap. We have taken a proactive approach to Intra’s IT security and undertaken a review of their cyber security risk profile. As a result, we have bundled additional security procedures as part of the managed services we provide. Says Elina Väisänen, Intra's CEO:

“Theta’s engagement with us has been great. They are proactive and look out for our best interests across all our technology requirements. This means we can focus on the business of looking after our patients, and be confident that our infrastructure will keep doing its job, reliably and securely.”

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