Cure Kids team is ready to race

As the sun crept up with shards of brilliant daylight illuminating the mist that lay thick in the valleys of the Hunua ranges last Saturday, Theta's intrepid Cure Kids racers started their last big training exercise for this year’s Cure Kids Great Adventure Race, to be held on 19 March.

This was race simulation day where the athletes and their support teams did a practice run for race day. Racers ran and navigated to a transition point, where the support teams were waiting to help refuel the team, bicycles ready to go. 

support crew of Ivor, David and Haixa

Support crew ready at transition point

The support crew ready and waiting at the transition point

Setting off on bicycles from the transition point, the racers disappeared into the forest while the support team broke down the camp and raced off to the next transition point to set up again, just in time to see the racers approaching across the fields looking surprisingly strong and motivated.

on bikes

Again the team was watered, fed and generally pampered for a few moments until they set off yet again on foot into the hills on yet another arduous training and navigation exercise, Alan brandishing the map and leading from the front as usual.


Six hours of racing, navigating and cycling, running through streams, fighting through the bush saw our team tired but elated after the final leg, And remember this was just a training day!!!


The race is a month away, and everyone can be justifiably proud of this Theta race team of Alan, Jason, Adrian and D’Vida along with other colleagues, friends and family members who stand by and assist and give great encouragement for the many hours of training.

They are ready, well trained, extremely fit and motivated to do well again this year. And why? It’s all for the kids.


Ivor Whibley.jpg

Ivor Whibley is Theta's Head of CRM Solutions, a member of Theta's Cure Kids Great Adventure Race support crew for 2016, and a keen, talented photographer who took many of the images accompanying this post.