NAVTip #7: Controlling the Unposted Document Warning

The unposted document warning was introduced as a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Whenever a user opens or enters a document, such as a Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice, and then closes the window without posting the document, Microsoft Dynamics NAV warns that the document had not been posted, and asks if they would still like to close the document page.

Unposted document warning

This feature is useful for businesses who enter only a few high value documents daily, but it can slow down users who need to enter and search for many documents every day. Indeed, some of our customers were experiencing this, and asked if there was a way to control the feature.

Happily, the answer is yes. The warning can be turned off at user level, so those who like it may leave it enabled while users who find it superfluous may turn it off.  

To deactivate the warnings, return to your main role center and search for My Notifications

My notifications dialog

In the My Notifications window you will find the entry: Warn about unposted documents.

warn about unposted documents

Untick the Enabled flag:

enable flag

Close the window. This will immediately take effect for your user profile and you will not see warning messages again when closing documents.

It’s also possible to lock down this setting using the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV security role and permission functionality. So if your company would like to enforce the warning message, a system administrator can allow users to read, but not modify, the records in the My Notifications table (Table ID 1518). That prevents users from turning off the warning.

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Edward Bloomfield is a Senior Consultant in Theta’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Implementation Team in Wellington. He has previously worked for a number of high profile Microsoft Dynamics NAV resellers in the UK, and has worked in a consultancy, development and support capacity with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1998. Which means he knows the product pretty well!