Digital artwork competition sparks creativity from the MiniDevs

The MiniDevs at Newlands Intermediate School recently unleashed their imaginations, creating digital art as part of a recent competition run by Theta's Innovation Lab.

Using Mixiply's new portfolio feature, we asked the students to create digital artwork and upload it into their personal portfolios. In the future, the students can continue to add to their portfolio library and share with fellow students, teachers and parents.  

Jim Taylor has been a driving force behind Mixiply since its inception in 2019. He talks more about the use of the Mixiply platform to store and share digital artwork: 

"The portfolio feature is a space for students to create and share their digital work. They can take it with them when they change schools or move onto college as it’s a personal account. Students can join their schools group to collaborate on projects. " 

And here are the runners up and winners - selected from a phenomenal entry pool! Congratulations and kudos to all the MiniDevs creators. The winners and judges choice recipients all received e-vouchers to spend at their favourite stores. 


The mid-autumn myth by Bella @frairy 

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What we loved about it: Great use of the Mixiply content editor to tell a story, display the final artwork and share how it was made.  


Person "falling" off cliff by Sophie @gremlin 

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What we loved about it: Very dramatic content and use of multiple images to tell a story. 


“Back in the Summer” by @unie 

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What we loved about it: Fantastic artwork and talent.


Judges choice: 

Beat sabre mods video by Ben 

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What we loved about it: Really good video editing skills showing the progress of working out how to modify various aspects of the beat saber game using mods.  


And here's what we loved about all the other entries... 


The Cursed Power Rangers by Jemima @bloopd 

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What we loved about it: Really fun, quirky content. 

Kiwi Clicker (game) by Abhim @name & William @feel-good-inc 

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What we loved about it: Great use of the 3D game crafting capability of the platform.

Construction by @luc-sky-walker 

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What we loved about it: An experiment in using perspective.

Star Wars 3D Models by Dominic @dominator 

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What we loved about it: Great use of 3D model content. 

Fantasy Battle by Ashleigh @tree-goblin 

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What we loved about it: Great use of colour and drawing skills.