Just launched: Data Accelerate workshops

Data Accelerate Workshop 002 Leadimage
Calling all data professionals and executives, our Data Accelerate workshops have just launched.

Data Accelerate workshops are designed to solve everyday challenges that hold organisations back, create internal conflict or require a hands-on, facilitator-led approach. Supported by our Data and Insights experts, we'll provide your team with the skills, knowledge and confidence to advance in your chosen area.  

Currently available workshops:

A. Ensure reliable data insights with Power BI governance

How can you implement a pragmatic Power BI governance programme?

B.Introduction to cloud data platform

What's the best decision for your organisation - Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, or Snowflake?

C. Data review: what insights are you missing? 

Are your dashboards as powerful as they could be?


Find out more about the workshops or get in touch to talk more about your specific requirements.