Microsoft Viva: What we know about the latest employee experience platform

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It's time to shed light on how tech can help employee wellbeing in the hybrid work environment. Introducing Microsoft Viva, one of the latest employee experience platforms. Summarised by Cornel Fuhri - Practice Lead Collaboration Solutions Manager. "I've been using components of Viva for a few months now, and I can see where this product fits many organisations (especially hybrid working ones like us at Theta). It's even just released an integration with Headspace, which is pretty cool."

Let's look at Viva's main features and benefits, broken down into its key components - Insights, Learning, Topics and Connections.

1) Viva Insights

Viva Insights gives you access to work behavior analytics. In Teams, select  Insights(left app bar) to open the Homepage for the Microsoft Viva Insights app. There are 3 strands – personal insights, manager insights and organisational insights. 

a) Personal Insights


  • Wellbeing recommendations help you form balanced work routines from home.
  • Personalised reminders encourage you to take breaks.
  • Recharge with mindfulness exercises powered by Headspace.
  • Weekly task summaries allow you to feel prepared (Viva greets you at the start of each day with a brief rundown of what's to come – a bit like having a PA).
  • Daily reminders to help start and end your day on the right note.

b) Manager Insights


  • Access key analytics on your team, e.g. work patterns that could lead to burnout.
  • Measure your goals to overcome remote work barriers.
  • See what percentage of your team members feel overwhelmed, dissatisfied, or are struggling to understand certain tasks.

For example, you could see who spends 30% of their time in long and large meetings (more than an hour at a time). From here, you can average the number of hours spent in meetings by your team to get a better gauge of their work capacity. You can then adjust work distribution or make meetings shorter according to your team's needs.

NB/ An additional license needs to be purchased to access Manager and Organisational Insights.

c) Organisational Insights


  • Discover how many of your employees work after hours to complete tasks. You could even see how many of those employees are at home with children who take up their mornings...
  • Or quantify how many of those employees simply feel overworked and struggle to complete tasks on time.

When employees are happy, productivity usually occurs naturally. With this intel, you can tailor changes for various remote work circumstances, whether that be redistributing workloads, extending time frames, cutting out tasks, hiring new employees, sending care packages... the decision is yours.

NB/ An additional license needs to be purchased to access Manager and Organisational insights.

2) Viva Learning

Viva Learning is an educational one-stop shop for your organisation where millions of resources are stored. Upload your own content or access LinkedIn Learning resources (and other third-party resources), and it is all easily accessible through Teams.

Benefits for the entire team:

  • Easily search for specific learning content in your organisation's hub.
  • Curate a personal playlist with all the resources you are focusing on and plan to use in the future.
  • Share specific playlists or resources with others.
  • Access trending content, content libraries, recommended learning, and your assigned learning from management (an additional license is needed to unlock all the management capabilities).
  • Easily available from the left-hand app bar in Teams.

Benefits for managers and leaders:

  • Recommend useful content.
  • Assign short video courses on relevant topics.
  • Track progress and completion.
  • Receive intel on areas you and your team may need to work on.

Example: You could assign a short 5-video course on Marketing Optimisation, where your marketing crew would then work through each video and complete educational questionnaires at the end. You'll receive intel on how well they did and what they need to work on, all in the means to improve the practice.

Benefits for organisation:

  • Centralise all your organisation's learning and content into one zone for everyone to access - whether it be word documents, PowerPoints, or videos.

3) Viva Topics

Viva Topics is one of the most useful tools for your organisation, like an enterprise search engine on steroids! It requires an extra license, but it's worth it for a breadth of knowledge in all areas of your work. It brings together knowledge and information across all Office 365 apps, as well as Teams and SharePoint and it links it to the people in your organisation who are known to work on that topic.


  • Save time looking for information. Viva Topics' AI lets you simply hover your mouse over a word, phrase, or hashtag within your document and displays an automatic overview of all associated topics.
  • Quickly see definitions, related content and even names of people who may have extended information.

4) Viva Connections

Viva Connections is like Facebook for your employees but through Microsoft Teams. It improves internal connections, and you can easily access it on your mobile. Publish your intranet homepage as an app in Teams, and help your employees keep the information they want at their fingertips. Prioritise communications across teams and the wider organisation in an easy to access manner.

NB/ No extra cost to access this feature; it's already part of most M365/ O365 licenses.


  • Message multiple colleagues at once, post announcements and stay aware of what's happening inside your organisation.
  • Like Facebook, your tailored feed shows employee contributions and encourages a feeling of 'connectedness'.
  • Spark conversations without meeting in person.

If you're interested in integrating Microsoft Viva to improve your organisation, our team is experienced and can help you get things rolling.

We hope you find it as useful as we do!

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