COVID-19 Lockdown and 100% Working Remotely


12/08/20 - After the recent government announcement, we are now operating under level 3 conditions in Auckland and level 2 in all other regions of the country. We remain 100% operational over this time. 

09/06/20 - We remain 100% operational during COVID-19 alert level 1.

14/05/20 - We remain 100% operational during COVID-19 alert level 2.  


We've been confirmed as an essential service provider and part of the critical services that ensure businesses and workers can continue working from home. Our operations will be carried out in a way that minimises the risk of COVID-19 transmission and we'll continue to support government advice. Thanks for your ongoing support over this time. 


Hello everyone

We will all have our own challenges over the coming weeks and months and I hope all of you come out the other side OK.

Many of you rely on us to be able to fully operate, and the very nature of our business means we can and will be open online with our staff working from home.

We are service providers to a number of essential services and understand the need for internet access to enable everyone to work from home. One way or another, we believe we will be able to help any of you keep connected.

You can contact us in the normal manner and we will stay in contact online and by phone.

We have already had customers interested in how analytics can assist their businesses in this difficult time - to help understand what has happened, what is happening now, and also what to do coming out of these difficult times, to be more efficient, competitive and profitable going forward.

So I thought it might be worth saying that we noticed exactly the same during the GFC and we were able to help many of you then.

Also one of our customers that’s had to cut back face-to-face contact got in touch to see if we could help them get live chat set up on their website to provide more customer support online.  As well as being a chatbot, our FAQ Bot product does live chat, so we’ve set them up and they launched yesterday.

Just a couple of things that could have very quick paybacks and will help us keep our businesses and New Zealand ticking.

Working from home means new ways of working but also new risks. In the haste to support a highly distributed workforce, businesses may unwittingly introduce new vulnerabilities. New cyber threats are already emerging to capitalise on the COVID-19 crisis. Appalling, and, although we wish it was not necessary, we have the expertise to help you should the worst happen.

As well as helping you it helps us of course, as we keep our brilliant people productive and ready for when we come out of the tunnel.

I wish you all a safe time. It’s unknown territory for me, I’ll bet it’s the same for nearly everyone else as well. 


Rob Lee, CEO