Theta Analytics is now Theta Data and Insights

Theta Analytics is now Theta Data & Insights, better reflecting the need to dive deeper in complex environments, uncover the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of what you see and make the right decisions based on those conclusions. In effect, organisations today need more than analytics; they need insights to act on.

We’ve seen the proliferation of self-service tools and improved confidence with report and dashboard creation as a positive step for many organisations. While this movement continues, there’s a shift towards looking ‘beyond the dashboards’. Organisations want to use advanced techniques such as AI, machine learning and data science to answer the more complex questions. They’re eager to discover what they didn’t know before, creating a bigger picture by fitting the pieces together. As a result, we’re witnessing insights-driven and not just data-driven strategies. Done well, it’s a differentiator for your organisation.  

“As a practice, we continue to evolve and expand our services and our expertise, in alignment with emerging technologies in the data and insights space. This ensures that we continue to be relevant to our customers and be leaders in our field.” Gary Blumgart, Head of Data and Insights

It’s not just about the more advanced stuff either. Getting the fundamentals right is still crucial and is something we feel very strongly about. Whether it’s selecting the right data platform, setting data governance standards or team training, they’re all critical contributors to a healthy data ecosystem. We’ll help you to do this and create a solid base for your insights to grow from. As your data ecosystem grows, we’ll help you to grow with it. There are so many areas that you can gain huge value from, including DataOps, automated data testing and Master Data Management, and we want you to know about them!   

“The changes over time in this space have been immense, and so we’re keeping up with the pace. Providing further opportunities for our customers to leverage untapped data potential and become truly insights-driven is something that we’re extremely proud to deliver.” Rob Lee, CEO

We look forward to developing more meaningful insights for our customers, empowering them to tell their own data stories, and welcome all others who want to follow the same path.