Women rising at Theta

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A cohort of 18 Theta women are in the midst of the Women Rising leadership and development programme, a 6-month course spearheaded by Microsoft & leading women's development expert Megan Dalla-Camina. In a sister programme geared towards supporting this success, we also have senior leaders – including 4 males - enrolled.

There are some interesting stats when looking at gender equality in the tech industry. The good news is that 56% of women in tech have seen levels of gender equality improve in their organisation over the past two years. On the flip side, 44% of women in tech agree that 'men progress faster than women in my organisation' – so there's work to be done on a global scale (Kaspersky report).

At Theta, we want to take action and support our women to rise - giving our team the tools, practical steps, and the confidence to bridge this global inequality divide.

The Women Rising programme is a perfect opportunity to make some progress so we jumped straight in. The course, fully funded by Theta, had a fantastic uptake, with CEO Rob Lee 100% behind it:

"We're just doing the right thing. It matters, and if we can help by taking action where it will contribute to greater gender equality, we will. We're lucky to have exceptionally talented women at Theta, and it’s extremely important to support them to realise their potential."  

And early feedback from the programme is super positive. With a total of 8 modules to work through, alongside coaching calls, they'll be busy, but it's time well invested. We look forward to hearing their post-programme stories, so keep an eye out for our updates.


More about the programme here.