Dynamics 365

Ivor Whibley

Dynamics 365 Pre Sales

Ivor has over 30 years of experience right from the very start of this industry where he was involved in creating a CRM system in 1986 (Yes that is 1986).

He is an established thought leader, implementer and advocate for CRM in all of its many guises. His diverse background encompassing sales, team leadership, management, a number of years operating within a large corporate banking structure coupled with formal business analysis training places him in a unique position to lead and guide our clients with CRM best practices and to be able to understand the holistic picture that is always required and often missed.

He is an accomplished published author and photographer, focused CRM blogger and public speaker on the subject of CRM and change management and holds all of the requisite current Microsoft CRM certifications.

Over the years he has led some very large and significant CRM projects across many different market sectors and passionately expounds the significance of change management that is required with CRM implementations. He is a strong believer that integrated solutions deliver the best results.

Outside of work, Ivor will be found with either a camera or a fishing rod in his hands.

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