Human Resources

Monika Dewi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Monika is our Talent Acquisition Specialist at Theta and is part of the People & Culture team. She assists in all recruitment services, from finding the right people, to hiring and onboarding to inductions, and she’s often the warm greeting you receive on your first days as a new Theta team member.

Monika moved to New Zealand in 2014, where she quickly found herself in her recruitment career. She has a marketing degree but found an interest in technology when she worked abroad in the US and Singapore before settling in NZ. She’s done lots of exploring and experienced living and working with all types of people from all over the globe. She’s a natural people-person, and with an Indonesian/Singaporean background, she also loves to learn new languages and cultures to broaden her knowledge and outlook – she says, “That’s why Theta feels like home”.

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