October 31, 2023

3 Quick Takeaways From Cybersecurity Awareness Month



October was jam-packed with cyber security info, with plenty of resources shared about how to stay safe online as technology evolves. In the same breath, it can be overwhelming to soak in all the information in just one month. So we asked our Head of Cyber Security, Liz Knight, to summarise her three key takeaways from Cybersecurity Awareness Month for your business to consider.

1. Invest in Security Awareness Training for your people

One thing you can learn from this month is that awareness training can be your ultimate make or break in the face of a breach because your employees are often an easy target for phishing or malware. Our team recently went through a quick 30-minute training to walk into 2024 feeling confident in the face of phishing emails and cyber threats.

2. Use Two Factor Authentication

While training is vital for everyday confidence in your team, safety-stacking with an extra layer of protection is vital. Using a really strong password and adding a token, PIN, or a safety question means a hacker will find it harder to infiltrate your systems.

3. Take care on public Wi-Fi

Remote and hybrid work is the norm for many, which means it’s also common to log on via cafes, accommodation, airports, etc. For best practice, use your mobile phone as a hotspot, and where appropriate, use your company's approved VPN to keep your traffic secure. Be wary about connecting to any unknown Wi-Fi. Cyber adversaries often attack these zones, so it's important to connect to secure Wi-Fi rather than taking a risk.

If you have cyber concerns – whether it be assessing your current environment or setting up better reporting – our cyber professionals can assist.

Keen to improve your cyber security?