September 6, 2019

Adventuring into 2020



You may already know that we’ve been avid supporters of the Cure Kids Great Adventure Races over the past few years and have competed in them since 2012. Unfortunately, these Great Adventure races came to an end in 2018. While this could have been a perfect opportunity to get a bit of rest & relaxation, our adventurers didn’t want to stop (and chief adventurer, Alan Moore, simply wouldn’t have allowed it!)

Our fundraising has continued since then and we've been getting stuck into some other adventure races in order to keep the momentum of our ongoing Cure Kids campaign. Then a short while ago Alan had a lightbulb moment, and it’s led to an exciting announcement for March 2020.

Welcome to your next challenge...

Over the past few months, we’ve been working alongside Cure Kids and the incredible team at Adventure Race Coromandel to bring you a brand new category as part of the Raiders of the Last Arc Rogaine in 2020 – the 8 hour Cure Kids Challenge. As a teaser, if you haven’t done one of these adventure races out in the Coromandel yet, you’re in for a treat!

“Adventure Racing is about seeking out the unknown, putting your outdoor skills and experience to the test, pushing your physical, mental and emotional boundaries, but mostly about the comradeship of getting out there and doing it with your mates,”  Andy Reid, Event Director of Adventure Race Coromandel.
Source: Adventure Race Coromandel

The new Cure Kids category is split into two options, with flexibility around the entry criteria:

  • Corporate Challenge (mixed teams of 4 + $5000 to raise for Cure Kids)
  • Social Challenge (teams of 2/3/4 + $2000 to raise for Cure Kids)

Number 1 team supporter and athlete in his own right, Rob Lee, continues to be a huge driving force for our involvement in these races too,

“We’ve been taking part in adventure races since 2012, so they’ve become part of our identity. Having a shared goal like this for the whole organisation to get behind is a great way to focus our fundraising efforts. Whether it’s getting stuck into fundraising events, supporting on race day or braving the race itself, we’re all in it together for one fundamental reason, and that reason is Cure Kids.” Rob Lee, Theta CEO

We’re thrilled to be part of the continuation of fundraising for such a fantastic organisation, and hope you’ll be at the start line with us on March 7th 2020. In the lead up to the event, we have a special info evening on 12th November 2019 for Cure Kids teams and teams that are interested in entering. We'll leave the final word to Frances Benge, CEO of Cure Kids, as a humble reminder of the reason we're getting involved. We hope to see you at the start line with us!

“With every donation, collaboration, voluntary effort and gesture of support for Cure Kids, we are one step closer to helping our talented researchers focus on Big Research for Little Lives.  Thank you Theta for literally putting your bodies on the line with the wonderful support of ARC so together we can realise our vision for a healthier, brighter future for our Tamariki.”