May 13, 2021

Getting the team together again



To mark the official launch of our new hybrid way of working, we thought it was time to get everyone together again (because having a full office seems like a rarity now!) and enjoy a BBQ lunch.

Thanks, Cure Kids!

The celebration was two-fold, as we also had the pleasure of hosting Amanda Piper-Randall, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Cure Kids. She shared stories about the incredible life-saving work they've been involved with recently and presented our team with a 'Fill me Up Tree': a beautiful hand-drawn artwork by Tiff, who is mum to Cure Kids ambassador Eva.  The Fill me Up Tree was awarded in recognition of the efforts of last year's adventure race team, who compete every year for Cure Kids.

Fill Me Up Tree - hand drawn by Tiff, Ambassador Manager and mum to Cure Kids ambassador Eva

Fundraising in 2020

It's certainly been a challenge for many organisations and individuals to maintain fundraising momentum over the past year. However, our Theta team did a sterling job of inventing new 'remote fundraising' activities, including a $5 for 5km fitness challenge, an online auction and 'SantaScape' - a fun Xmas activity created by our Digital team. We even discovered that CEO Rob Lee had been paying Head of Finance Mike Eustace and his wife to make mince pies for him (when restrictions allowed), with all the payments going to Cure Kids – but that's another story!

So while we missed our usual 'big ticket' fundraising events in 2020, we're ready to get back into the swing of things in 2021. And despite the challenges, we're happy to have contributed $6,000 to Cure Kids over the past year.

Gift exchange between Cure Kids and Theta

Looking ahead in 2021

As for the rest of 2021, we have a few ideas up our sleeves. Alan Moore is busy organising multiple teams for the Whangamata adventure race in August. We also have something else exciting in the pipeline to support Cure Kids – more on that soon.

This past year has been a stark reminder of how vital our health professionals are, and we couldn't be without organisations like Cure Kids, who continue to help kids deal with daily health lockdowns on top of a pandemic. So in whatever way we can keep supporting them, we will.