December 11, 2023

Have You Booked a Cyber Security Review for 2024? Here’s Why You Should….


Liz Knight, Head of Cyber Security


Do you find yourself slightly falling on a hunch or second-guessing the integrity of your current environment? ‘We’ve recently completed work modernising our environment but how do we know whether it’s secure?” “We’ve invested a lot in managed services, so I think we’re well covered”.

First rule of cyber security – don't leave it to a hunch!

Many newly advanced malwares are hitting the scene, and this will continue in 2024. It's important to know your environment is configured correctly, can withstand new attacks and provide visibility when you are breached.

The business benefits of a cyber review

Peace of mind knowing your security measures can withstand new and emerging threats.

Saving face in a crisis by identifying sneaky risks and invisible vulnerabilities before they become costly or damaging incidents.

Knowing your remediation priorities and building your cyber security improvements roadmap to help improve your security, reduce your risk and help meet any compliance requirements.

Spending less in the face of incidents because paying to prevent security issues can be cheaper than paying to fix them after the fact.

Keep a strong reputation and brand image that boosts trust with your customers by showing your commitment to security excellence.

Save time on research, trial & error with a comprehensive deep dive review

After you book your cyber security review with us, the first step is for us to learn more about your environment and then we will begin our assessment activities.

We will…

1. Define the scope and objectives

We will discuss ‘what keeps you up at night’, your current concerns, and then confirm the scope of the assessment.

2. Complete our assessment activities

Depending on the scope of the engagement we will complete our assessment activities over a number of weeks starting with some interviews and scans and then moving into attack simulations to see what tactics, techniques and procedures can be used to infiltrate your environment.

3. Collect the data

We will gather and collate all the evidence and data from our tests and scans and then analyse to identify vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities for improvement.

4. Tailor Recommendations

We will make prioritised best practice recommendations against each finding so that you can improve security measures based on their impact and urgency.

5. Deliver our reports

For each assessment activity in scope we will provide a report with detailed findings, risks, and suggested actions with steps and guidance on how to implement them. You will have a well defined list of what needs to be remediated and what order to complete the remediation.

6. Remediate

If you choose, as a follow up project we can support the implementation of the recommended security measures.

Real-life case:

Here's what one of our customers said about their review:

“Our team has already done great work in this space, with solid technology decisions along the way - including the choice of the Microsoft stack, which has already provided us with inbuilt security advantages. We wanted to take it one leap further, ensuring our environment is as secure as it can possibly be. As a result, our users can work safely, and our customers have complete reassurance that their sensitive data is protected.”

Read the full case study here.

And the business benefits they experienced:

  • Tweaked security strategy meant it now aligned with their business goals AND industry best practices – both working in tandem.
  • A new understanding of how their old posture compared to new industry standards and best practices, then clear improvements could be made to bring them back up to the bar.
  • Optimised security resources and investments by focusing on the most critical and relevant areas – saving costs during difficult market times.
  • A new-found confidence in the security of their systems and data.
  • Increased trust partnership with their new and existing customers – people want to know that companies are taking the right measures to keep up with the changing tech landscape.


With the rapid evolution of cyber threats, don't leave it until it's too late. Book your cyber review for the new year, and feel reassured that your organisation is safe from cyber attacks. It's a worthwhile investment.

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