June 30, 2024

June 2024: Top Power BI Updates with Soheil, Microsoft MVP


Soheil Bakhshi | Microsoft Data Platform MVP | Principal Consultant in Data & Insights | Author | Blogger


Unsure how to navigate Microsoft’s monthly Power BI updates? Principal Consultant at Theta and Microsoft MVP Soheil Bakhshi shares his top picks for the most impactful updates that organisations should know.

While we did not get a whole lot of new features this month, here are my three top picks from the June 2024 updates for Power BI in descending order:

1. Visual calculations now support scatter chart and map visuals

The visual calculations feature in Power BI allows users to perform calculations directly within a visual without needing to create new measures or columns in the data model. This feature enhances the analytical capabilities of visuals by enabling on-the-fly calculations like percent changes, running totals, and other key metrics directly within the context of the visualised data.

  • Simplifies the analytical process.
  • Allows users with report editing rights to add calculations directly on scatter plots and map visuals.
  • Saving users time and effort.

Example: A Sales Manager can quickly add the percentage growth in sales across different regions on a map, or a Product Manager can analyse the relationship between sales volume and customer satisfaction on a scatter plot, all without additional data model modifications.

2. Show visuals as tables on Power BI’s mobile app

The new Show Visuals as Tables feature in Power BI Mobile apps allows users to view visual data in a tabular format directly on their mobile devices. Data is now easier to read, sort, and analyse while on the go - addressing the challenge of viewing complex visuals on small screens.

It’s all too familiar when trying to view small visuals with multiple data points on a mobile device. Now, users can switch to a tabular view, which makes the data easier to read, sort, and analyse, thus enhancing productivity and usability. This feature ensures that business users can interact with and understand their data more effectively, even when away from their desks.

3. New INFO functions in DAX

[For our more technical folk]

The new INFO functions in DAX, mirror the functionality of SQL Server Analysis Services Dynamic Management Views (DMVs), which have long been available in Microsoft Multidimensional, Tabular model, and Power BI technologies. The DMVs are also available to developers in third-party tools such as DAX Studio and Tabular Editor.

The three new functions are:


These functions simplify and enhance the data analysis process by offering a way to understand and document the existing data model directly within DAX (simply built into Power BI Desktop!).

  • No need to switch back and forth between Power BI Desktop and third-party tools.
  • Easier for developers to maintain and analyse the data models.
  • Big time saver! Help improve productivity.

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