March 8, 2023

Meike’s off to represent NZ!



What do you do when a fellow team member needs a few days away from the desk to represent New Zealand at a world sporting event? You say, “go get ‘em! Meike Voigt, Data & Insights guru by day and archer by night/weekend, will fly the flag at the 2023 World Archery Oceania Tournament, 13 – 16 April, in Adelaide, South Australia.

This recognition is a huge accomplishment. After discovering a passion for archery later in life and only practising it for six years, Meike says, “archery is a sport for everyone, no matter your background, ability or age.  I encourage everyone to give it a go at least once”.

Here’s Meike’s story:

“I started archery because of my son. He was always fascinated with bows and arrows as a youngster, and when we moved to NZ, we found an archery club up the road from us at Mount Albert – Mountain Green Archery Club.   It looked like so much fun, and I figured I’d be there anyway with him, so I signed up for the next beginner course.  
Little did I know that the bug would bite, and I would find something that I enjoyed so much.  I have since gone on to be the club captain at Mountain Green archery for the last four years and also coach the Mount Albert Grammar School archer beginners.”

Meike practices Barebow, a style of archery that very few women competed in when she first started, so most of her first opponents were men. It didn’t take long before she was the top rival.

“Barebow archery is very popular overseas (in Europe and America), but it is still taking off here in NZ.  Now more women are taking part, and I am very excited to help grow the sport here.”

She has since won three national titles in Target Archery and holds all NZ records for Barebow Women in Target and Field events.  She also won the World Field Indoor event in 2019, the World Archery Indoor Series event in Sydney in Jan 2020, and is the current Pacific Regional Field Archery Champ in Women’s Barebow!

“I have a competitive streak, so when I started archery, I immediately started taking part in competitions (local and regional) and very quickly moved on to National events.
I was first selected to represent NZ in the Oceania Champs in 2020 (to be held in Fiji).  Unfortunately, we all know what happened next, and that event was eventually cancelled.
I am very excited to have been selected again this year.”

Even for a natural in her art, Meike trains like a true athlete - five days a week, and on the weekends, you’ll find her at the Mountain Green range.

“I am currently training about 12 – 15 hours a week, and hope to bring that up in the weeks before the big event. I also have a training target at home and will use that to work on my form and get as much shooting in as I can.”  

And like all exciting things, the butterflies are starting to brew…

“I’m always a little nervous going into big events, I have very high expectations for myself, but I’m also very excited.”

We’re super proud of you, Meike. The whole team is rooting for you on your adventure, and we can’t wait to get the full recap of your comp. Good luck!

* Unfortunately, archery is not a well-funded sport in NZ, so athletes need to fund events like these on their own to cover essentials like uniforms, event registrations, entry, travel and accommodation.

If you’d like to support Meike on her journey, donate to her sportfund page.