May 29, 2023

Theta Announces New Partnership With Award-Winning Kiwi Cyber Security SaaS Startup, Onwardly



Theta has partnered with Onwardly, a Kiwi SaaS startup that aims to democratise security and privacy, ensuring all businesses across New Zealand can navigate the digital landscape confidently and safely. The Onwardly platform provides several tools and programs designed to meet this objective.

Liz Knight, Head of Cyber Security, Theta:  

"We are excited to mature our customers’ organisational cyber security through the use of the Onwardly platform. Having a solution to help us track and report on our customers' progress as we work together to implement controls, develop policies and meet regulatory requirements is hugely beneficial. Onwardly facilitates a streamlined assessment process, simplifies the complexity of tracking requirements and provides visibility as improvements are made. It allows us to help our customers achieve their cyber security goals more collaboratively and efficiently."

With cyber security threats constantly increasing, we're pleased to combine Theta's expertise and extensive experience with reliable solutions to manage the cyber security profile of businesses across New Zealand.  

Phil Howie, CEO, Onwardly:  

"By joining forces with Theta, we aim to help startups and tech companies streamline their security operations, bypass unnecessary workloads, and reduce costs. Together, we will provide businesses with a clear and efficient path to consistently defend what matters most."

About Onwardly:

Onwardly is an award-winning SaaS company dedicated to democratising security and privacy. Its innovative cyber resilience platform empowers New Zealand organisations to become security superheroes by identifying gaps in their defence and simplifying their operations to continually stay ahead of threats.

Led by founder and CEO Phil Howie, who has spent the last decade working in high-growth SaaS businesses, and was employee #1 at Pushpay, a global kiwi success story. Phil has previously held roles at several HiTech award winning companies, including Whip Around.

For more information about Onwardly and its cyber resilience platform, visit