July 5, 2024

Theta Partners With GenAI Infrastructure Startup, SmartSpace.ai



Theta has partnered with SmartSpace.ai, a plug-and-play Generative AI infrastructure platform that speeds up the deployment of Generative AI solutions.

Their ready to deploy infrastructure allows you to build any Generative AI use case without limitation, with full control of the underlying LLMs and associated resources in a fraction of the time it would take to build a bespoke solution.

Gary Blumgart, Head of Data and Digital, Theta,  

"Our customers are demanding more solutions in the GenAI space, so we see this new partnership as a great opportunity to provide options to explore these types of projects. SmartSpace.ai enables organisations to leverage Generative AI safely and securely within their own environments. They’ve created an impressive tool, and we're excited to bring the possibilities of GenAI to our customers.”

As a comparison, Microsoft Copilot is excellent for integration with the Microsoft 365 environment, while SmartSpace offers enhanced capabilities for leveraging GenAI on both structured and unstructured data leveraging a multi-model, multi-agent framework. The SmartSpace pricing model is designed around specific use cases rather than the number of users, making SmartSpace a cost-effective solution for organisations seeking a versatile and powerful AI alternative.

Tim Boyne, CEO and Founder at SmartSpace.ai:  

“We are excited to collaborate with Theta to drive the rapid integration of AI into business operations. The potential for AI to improve business capabilities is unprecedented, but so is the demand for highly skilled teams to realise the opportunity. System integrators like Theta play a crucial role in this transformation, and SmartSpace.ai is dedicated to accelerating and supporting them through our unique technology offering. Together, we're showing the world the formula for Generative AI success in business.”

About SmartSpace.ai:

SmartSpace.ai was built to help enterprises bring their Generative AI roadmaps to life. Their plug-and-play Generative AI infrastructure is a self-hosted and secure solution that overcomes the limitations of other solutions and allows businesses to leverage the power of Generative AI quickly, securely and with all the flexibility of building in-house without the fuss.