April 3, 2024

Theta Renews ISO 27001 Certification



We're pleased to announce that we have successfully renewed our ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for managing information security. For Theta and our customers, it demonstrates our ongoing commitment and ability to handle data with the highest security standards.

What does this mean for our customers?

In February 2024, an independent auditor spent five days onsite verifying that we satisfactorily met the 93 different controls and requirements for the new 2022 version of ISO. The auditor praised the maturity of our cyber security management system and the efforts that our teams put into supporting and maintaining all the different systems and processes required to keep us secure and compliant.

We have put all the requirements in place across our people, processes and technology to manage information so that it stays secure. Our team is committed to following consistent, measured and repeatable processes to keep it that way. As risks evolve, we will also adapt and evolve to keep your business safe through continuous improvement, measurement and reporting with dedicated and trained staff.

Liz Knight, Head of Cyber Security:

“Achieving certification for ISO 27001 requires engagement from the whole business – from our Board, our management team and to all our staff who help keep us secure through delivering secure projects, building secure designs, writing secure code and ensuring we follow good security practices when accessing our systems. In other words, our entire team is committed to keeping our customers safe.”

Are all IT providers ISO 27001 certified?

No. It's not compulsory; however, independent verification of an organisation is the best way to ensure your technology partner is up to standard. Technology providers have a critical role in ensuring the security of New Zealand organisations and should hold themselves to the highest standards. We believe that achieving this certification shows a proactive approach to the security of Theta and the solutions we build and maintain for our customers.