February 14, 2024

Theta’s English Development Programme for New Kiwis



In past years, we've offered "new Kiwis" in Theta an opportunity to participate in an English Development Programme, and so far, over 40 of our staff have completed the course. With over 38 nationalities represented across Theta (and many new team members), we’re pleased to announce that another cohort of 12 Theta team members has just completed the six-week course run by the wonderful Sargam Sekhri of the Learning Syndicate.

We recognise that people demonstrate varying levels of communication, so we offer staff several different learning options – from expression and fluency to honing their presentation skills. Our goal is to provide tools to build confidence and ultimately make living in a home away from home a little easier. We believe effective written and spoken English communication is beneficial for new Kiwis to help them develop their career. It also benefits our wider team, our customers, and New Zealand.

The most recent programme included weekly modules covering text analysis, vocab & grammar, sentence development, writing skills and context. For their final weeks, they held presentations to cap off their learnings, and they smashed it.

Here's what a team member said:

"I found the program to be very beneficial. In addition to learning grammar, I was also introduced to English literature, which involved exploring various poems. I learnt new vocabulary and how to analyse literary texts, which I found very helpful. I also learnt a lot from the individual final presentations. I gained new knowledge and got to know more about my peers on a personal level. After this, I felt much more connected to them. More importantly, the program helped me identify the areas where I need improvement. I now know what specific aspects to focus on. Thank you, Theta.”

And for our Theta team members who want to learn more about Māori culture and language, our Te Ao Māori group organises some cool Te Kākano in-person and online Māori language and cultural courses – which everyone is welcome to join!