July 4, 2024

Theta’s Mixiply Interns: Backing Our Digi Portfolio Platform for Next Gen Developers


Jim Taylor | Emerging Technologies Architect | Product


At Theta, we believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for the next generation of software developers. In line with this commitment, we recently collaborated with Victoria University's Masters of Software Development program, welcoming two exceptional interns, Jotleen Kaur and Zoe, to our team.

Jotleen and Zoe worked on our multimedia digital portfolio platform, Mixiply, for three months under the guidance of Jim Taylor, Theta's Emerging Technology Architect.

The internship focused on integrating AI-powered assistance into Mixiply, enhancing the platform with self-directed learning, personalised journal prompts, translation support, and an AI image creator. Jotleen and Zoe also contributed to developing an interactive, collaborative whiteboard and a 3D scene builder, allowing users to create and manipulate 3D primitives and models.

To ensure real-world relevance and user-centric design, we collaborated closely with the MiniDevs at Newlands Intermediate. This partnership provided invaluable input and feedback from teachers and students, enabling us to fine-tune our approach and deliver features that genuinely meet the needs of our target users.

Reflecting on their internship experience, Jotleen and Zoe shared insightful thoughts and highlighted the impact of their time at Theta.

For Zoe, the most enjoyable aspect was developing and implementing the AI assistant service feature. She found working with cutting-edge AI technology to help with education inspiring and rewarding. Zoe also emphasised the importance of soft skills and cross-functional collaboration in the industry, recognising the significance of understanding customer requirements and actively seeking feedback.

Jotleen, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with new technologies and frameworks, particularly React and AI. She found collaborating with the school and meeting with teachers and students to be a rewarding experience that positively influenced the platform's development. Jotleen also highlighted the importance of embracing challenges and utilising the tools and support available to learn and grow as a developer.

Both interns expressed their appreciation for Theta's welcoming and supportive company culture. They praised the guidance and mentorship of Jim Taylor and other colleagues provided, who fostered an environment that encouraged learning, creativity, and problem-solving. Jotleen and Zoe emphasised the value of asking questions, seeking help when needed, and focusing on continuous education throughout the internship.

The internship experience profoundly impacted Jotleen and Zoe's personal and professional growth. They gained technical skills, improved their communication abilities, and developed a deeper understanding of the software development process in a real-world setting. The opportunity to work on a project that could positively impact students and teachers was significant for both interns.

Looking back on their time with Theta, Jotleen and Zoe summarised their internship experience:


Definitely an invaluable experience. I have learnt so many new skills and developed old ones. I feel so lucky to have worked on such a creative project that works so closely with the users of the platform. I think also as an intern, recieving lots of time for coding was pretty cool as a lot of the time this is not the case. I enjoyed every aspect of the internship and will be taking a lot of new knowledge and skills with me into my next role.


This internship was an incredible learning experience for me. I was exposed to new ideas, concepts, and methodologies that challenged me to expand my knowledge and skills. Every day brought new opportunities to observe, ask questions, and apply what I was learning in practical situations.

At Theta, we are proud of the achievements and growth demonstrated by Jotleen and Zoe during their internship. Their contributions to Mixiply have been significant, and we are confident that the skills and experiences they gained will serve them well in their future careers. We remain committed to fostering partnerships with educational institutions and providing opportunities for aspiring software developers to thrive and positively impact the industry.